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BBQ and Party Boats by PEREBO

With increasing temperatures, the desire for common excursions, get-togethers with friends and family, and – not to forget – parties and barbecues usually increases as well. To spend this beautiful time in a very special way, we offer specially designed grill and party boats. You may either purchase, finance or lease them. Feel free to contact us!

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    For Unforgettable Evenings on the water

    The benefits of the BBQ and party boats from PEREBO lie in different areas. Beginning with a deliberated and spacious installation, the BBQ boats offer (model “event”) area for up to 30 people. Thereby even larger events can easily be carried out on the water. For small groups and events we would like to recommend the BBQ boat- “travel”. This provides seating for about 12 people, has an on-board toilet and a sun and rain canopy. Our excursion boat "Relax" is ideal suitable for family trips. Finally, we can also offer you our smallest party-raft "Enjoy", which is particularly suitable for short trips on the water.

    Outboard motors with 15 hp drive the compact party boats. The large grill boat “event” is powered using a 45 hp motor.

    Of course, you can acquire your BBQ and party boat with individual equipment. We provide upholstered benches, practical folding tables and a control station (helmstand) factory-made. We will be happy to explain more options to you - for example, a swim ladder or other adjustments - on the phone or in person. Simply use our callback service or the contact form.

Party boat – Enjoy –

Quaint designed party boat. Our entry model.

  • Quick info typ - Enjoy

    • l/w: 5,90m/3,0m
    • max. 4-6 persons
    • engine: 15hp
    • without WC
    • available in different configuration levels

Party boat – Event –

Rustic styled event boat with bar and WC.

  • Quick info typ - Event

    • l/w: 11,75m/4,0m
    • max. 25-30 persons
    • engine: 40hp
    • incl. WC, generator house and bar
    • available in different configuration levels

Party boat – Relax –

Sporty designed excursion boat with lowered swim platform in bow and stern.

  • Quick info typ - Relax

    • l/w: 8,30m/3,0m
    • max. 8-10 persons
    • engine: 15hp
    • lowered swim platform in bow and stern
    • without WC
    • available in different configuration levels

Party boat – Travel –

Elegantly designed event raft with integrated toilet.

  • Quick info typ - Travel

    • l/w: 8,50m/3,0m
    • max. 12 persons
    • engine: 15hp
    • incl. WC
    • available in different configuration levels

Party boats of our customers

From Perebo customers individually completed party boats. Built on a boat construction kit from Perebo.

Party raft of “SieversGasthaus

Party boat of  an “Event Organizer”

lounge boat of “Yachtcharter-Lindow

Configure your own party boat
with help of our leisure boat-configurator.
Accessories for Perebo BBQ & Party Boats can be found here
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