Ecological energy generation by means of a floating micro-power-plant

How can generate energy in an environmentally friendly way and at the lowest cost even at remote or inaccessible places in the world? Very simple: By a floating micro-power-plant that can generate electricity from hydropower!

The floatable mini-power-plant is constructed very simple. It consist of 2 pontoon tubes, an attached generator and a bucket wheel gear. In order to drive it, one needs only to use the flow energy of any flowing water. The blades of the bucket wheel gear are driven by the natural water movement and the attached generator can generate electricity thereby. That’s all! A damming of the water is therefore not required. It’s suitable for use in large rivers as well as in small streams or canals with lowest water depth.

These mini-bucket-hydroelectric-power-plants have been designed and tested by a developer from Southern Germany in cooperation with Perebo-Schwimmsysteme.

A lightweight, economical and flexible hydroelectric power plant.

The floatable bucket-power-technology is inexpensive, easy to place at the operation site, suitable for continuous operation and is low maintenance. Special advantage: Once installed, it automatically adapts to different water levels as well as flow velocities. Furthermore, the floating-power-generation-unit can be fixed by means of 2-4 piles and thus also secured against theft.

floating micro-power-plant

Example: floating hydroelectric power plant L/W= 2,40m / 0,80m
Construction type: catamaran
Output: approx. 5KW (this is equal to the electricity requirements of 1-2 households)

The global climate change requires new ideas and innovations

Particularly in times of global climate change, the described energy generation from hydropower plays an important role. The reason is that the generation of electricity from hydropower is low-emission and also constantly available. In addition, hydroelectric power plants are one of the most lucrative power generators. In developing countries the described small-scale-hydroelectric-power-plants can, for example, replace obsolete energy generators such as diesel generators. Consequently, a clean, reliable and cost-effective generation of electricity could be offered now.