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  • Saunaboats


    Perebo now offers sauna boats in various designs for sauna lovers as well as for all other sauna enthusiasts. Create your own floating oasis of well-being and experience wellness and relaxation on the water with your new “floating steam bath” against picturesque backdrop.

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  • Solar roof for pontoon boats

    Solar roof for pontoon boats

    Perebo “keep up with the times” and participates in climate protection in the form of eco-friendly boat motorization. For this purpose, from now on the Perebo pontoon boats powered by electric engines can be additionally equipped with a boat-solar-roof. This allows the batteries of the electric outboard engine to be additional charged with solar energy.…

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  • Timelapse-Video houseboat building

    Timelapse-Video houseboat building

    Perebo presents:houseboat building timelapse video Would you like to buy a mobile houseboat at a cheap price, but you are not sure whether you want to buy a completely finished houseboat or only components for DIY houseboat? Then PEREBO is the right place for you. With us you can buy either only the modular pontoon…

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