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General Explanations
With the aid of this configurator you can relatively easily configure a floating jetty or floating platform. Because of every floating dock or floating platform has to be adapted to the respective water conditions a mutual coordination by e-mails are usually required after receiving your request in order to find out or determine the most important technical details. In the following please inform yourself about the basic structure of our different module systems and the various accessories.

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    Select the desired type of design

    All dimensions in meters. If you don’t need a part, please enter -0-.

    Design 1

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    data floating dock

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    Design 2

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    data floating platform

    data floating dock

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    Design 3

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    data floating dock

    data dock finger

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    Uferzugang Bauart 4

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    data floating dock

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    Bauart 5

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    data floating dock

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    Uferzugang Bauart 6

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    data floating platform

    special design

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    Please choose one of our 4 module systems

    (Explanations of the individual module systems can be found at the top of this page)


    Modulsystem Perebo-Standard

    ← Perebo (S)

    payload= up to 100kg/m²


    Modulsystem Perebo-Port

    ← Perebo (M)

    payload= up to 200kg/m²


    Modulsystem Perebo-Port

    ← Perebo (L)

    payload= up to 300kg/m²


    Modulsystem Perebo-Port

    ← Perebo (XL)

    payload= up to 600kg/m²


    Choose a deck covering

    wood planks
    ← wood planks

    synthetic material planks
    ← plastic planks

    plates with lug pattern
    ← bulb plates


    Extra equipment


    Anchorage components


    Text Box for your special requests


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