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Pontoon Tubes
The pontoon tubes of the houseboat platform or pontoon raft consist of the plastic pontoons PT06 and a keel rail which is attached underneath each pontoon hull. Depending on the required load capacity, we can offer you platforms with 2, 3, 4 or 5 pontoon hulls. Please define the value of the desired load capacity as precisely as possible. Only then can we determine the exact number of the required pontoon hulls.

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    Define the required load capacity

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    Explanation Load Capacity

    The load capacity or payload is the load that your pontoon platform / boat is to carry. It corresponds to the mass of the load to be transported.

    However, it should not be confused with the total mass of the pontoon boat! The total mass is the sum of the empty weight of the pontoon platform plus the maximum payload.


    Choose the color of the pontoon tubes

    black pontoons

    blue pontoons


    Choose a deck covering

    wood planks
    wood planks

    synthetic material planks
    synthetic material planks

    Should the deck-flooring be closed or equipped an opening for a house?

    wood covering

    wood covering
    opening for a housedimensions (L/W) in [meters] ↓


    What accessories do you need?


    foldable swim ladder
    bathing ladder

    helmstand 1
    steering console

    helmstand 2

    Bow thruster
    bow thruster

    number storage boxesstorage boxes ALU
    storage boxes GRP

    position lights
    position lights

    outboard-engines1 engine2 engines
    motor selection ↓

    dimensions (L/W/H) in [meters] ↓

    aluminium framework
    house framework
    dimensions (L/W/H) in [meters] ↓


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