configurator house boat platform



    Color of floating bodies

    Supporting structure


    Going coating

    Synthetic material
    Sheet metal profil grate
    Steel grating

    Supplementary equipment

    Railing 1 (demountable)
    Railing 2 (fix mounted)

    Notes &  frequently asked questions

    1. Difference between boat length and deck length
    Boat length:  Selectable total length of the boat from the top until the end of the boat.
    Deck length:  Total length – 55cm.

    2.  Is there also boat kits longer then 11,0m?
    On inquiry we also deliver boat kits > 11,0m to you. (Please call us to it)

    3. Why is there a price difference between the colours of the floating bodies?
    Standard colour of the floating bodies is black.
    An additional charge in necessary since there are higher production costs at the production of red or blue floating bodies.

    4. Wherefore do the consoles serve in the category: supplementary equipment?
    They serve to trim of the boat at small motorizations (5-10hp) and overloads on the top of the boat.
    The consoles are delivered with balancing weights which are inserted under the going coating of the consoles. (per console to 50kg)

    5. Notes for the design of the deck
    The construction of all catamarans and trimarans is possible also with a lowered deck.
    You find pictures and more informations about it in our product category: Boat kits

    6. Selectable colours of the synthetic material planking
    The following colours are possible at synthetic material planking:
    gray, red brown or light brown. (identical in price)

    7. Motorization
    Max. motorization for all boat kits: 50hp of outboard motors.
    A higher motorization > 50hp must be checked in the individual case!
    suitable engines you can find here…

    8. Load-capacity
    Indicated load-capacities always contain a rest-freeboard of 35cm.
    This means the distance of top of water until top of deck is 35cm at full load.
    (Bearing reserves for temporary overloads available)

    Do you have more questions or wishes? Contact us!