AlfaBryggan AB is our official distribution partner in Sweden

Mietponton Welle

AlfaBryggan AB is a Swedish supplier with the whole range of floating systems, from the smallest dock to big professional working platforms.
AlfaBryggan also offers many other technical special components or accessories which are needed for many floating systems. E.g. screw piles for fixating of floating platforms – sewage pumps – single pontoons – floating toilets and much more.

The company was founded 2009 and has the necessary expertise to represent PEREBO as a qualified partner in Sweden. Particular attention should be given to the leisure boats, house boats and work boats. Of course, the PEREBO single float made of polyethylene and made of steel as well as our boat kits are available in Sweden now.

In recent years AlfaBryggan has implemented numerous projects on Swedish waters.

With the help of our distribution partner AlfaBryggan AB in Sweden we can ensure that our Scandinavian customers get professional local support in local language.


AlfaBryggan AB 5568349749
Järnvägsgatan 8
73632 Kungsör

Tel: +46 8391672

Ansprechpartner AlfaBryggan

Christer Ulfvengren
mobil: +46 704826909