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With increasing temperatures, the desire for exciting excursions, meetings with friends and family, and – not to forget – parties and barbecues usually increases as well. So that you can spend such hours in a very special way, we offer you either freely configurable leisure boats or specially designed barbecue and party boats.

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Recreational Pontoon Boats

Ideally suited for leisure activities, but can also be used as a floating transport platform.


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Mietponton Welle
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BBQ and Party Boats

For fun and sociability on the water.

Would you like to buy a party or barbecue raft completely assembled? Then this is the right place for you. We can offer you 4 different boats of this kind.

model overview

BBQ Boat – Enjoy –

Rustically designed recreational raft. Our entry-level model.

leisure raft -enjoy- rear view
leisure raft -enjoy- side view
leisure raft -enjoy- front view

Party Boat – Event –

Beautifully desigend event boat with bar and WC.

party boat -event- rear view
party boat -event- side view
party boat -event- front view

Pleasure Boat – Relax –

Sporty designed excursion boat with lowered swim platform in bow and stern.

party raft -relax- rear view
party raft -relax- side view
party raft -relax- front view

Party Boat – Travel –

Elegantly designed BBQ pontoon with integrated toilet.

party boat -travel- rear view
party boat -travel- side view
party boat -travel- front view
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