Mietponton Welle

Perebo now offers sauna boats in various designs for sauna lovers as well as for all other sauna enthusiasts. Create your own floating oasis of well-being and experience wellness and relaxation on the water with your new “floating steam bath” against picturesque backdrop. Combine your future boat trips with a sauna session in your new floating sauna and enjoy the water scenery all year round, but especially in winter, while you sweat and relax.
We can offer you smaller sauna rafts with sauna barrel or slightly larger sauna boats with classic sauna-house. The wood-burning stove provides crackling heat and a cozy atmosphere. The boats are powered by either petrol or electric outboards. Transportation on the road is also possible, as the boat width does not exceed 3m.

One advantage of the smaller boats with a sauna barrel is that the sauna barrel can be separated from the boat if necessary, so that the boat can be used for other purposes in summer, for example.

Example of a Perebo sauna boat with sauna barrel

More information can be found here: Perebo Saunaboote
or here:

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