Pontoon Work Boats



    Suitable for most different applications on water

    Our pontoon workboats are particularly suitable for use as mobile applicable floating work platforms and for transporting of machines or goods. A very advantageous feature is the shallow draught makes possible to navigate shallow waters.

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      The Perebo pontoon multi-purpose boats are generally built in catamaran form. The two boat hulls consist of the single floats PT01 or PT06 depending on the required load capacity. A massive supporting structure made of aluminum or steel can then be screwed onto these two pontoon hulls. A deck flooring made of e. g. bulb plates, wood or plastic planks can then be installed on top of it. Our recommendation is to choose a surface made of non-slip bulb plates to ensure a certain level of work safety on deck. On the boat deck, a small scaffolding can be installed without much effort if required. This means that even areas that are difficult to access can be reached. (e. g. under bridges) Furthermore, you can also equip your work boat with a mini crane. Smaller objects up to 200kg can be lifted without any problems in this way. Of course, you can also complete your workboat with further equipment such as a railing, engine + helmstand, bathing ladder, position lighting, boat trailer, etc..

      At a glance, you will benefit from the following advantages of these boats:
      - large work space on boat deck
      - removable railing
      - easy to transport on a boat-trailer
      - very good manoeuvring characteristics
      - low maintenance
      - low draught
      - a little lifting device or scaffolding is mountable on boat deck very easy
      - low self-weight
      - high resistance of the pontoon tubes against chemical attack

      In general: You can order all construction components individually from us or request a complete package. To do this, simply use our workboat-configurator to assemble the corresponding work boat yourself.

      Of course, you can also get free advice from us free of charge and without obligation. Please feel free to call us or send us an enquiry via our contact form.

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    Our work boats are DGUV tested regarding safety and health.
    DGUV Test: Testing and certification system of the German Social Accident Insurance.

    Accessories for the Work Boats can be found here
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