Plastic Pontoons made of Polyethylene

Mietponton Welle
Flexibility is everything! Our polyethylene pontoon floats are suitable for various applications and can be purchased separately from us. They are ideal for DIY of mobile or immobile floating platforms and floating docks. Simply choose one of the following product categories:
Pontoons for the construction of floating platforms
Pontoons for the construction of pontoon and house boats

The PEREBO-standard pontoon floater for the construction of floating platforms convince due high load capacity, simple handling and immense stability. They can for instance be used to build of floating work platforms, floating bathing platforms or floating docks. Due to the low weight, the floats can easily be loaded and connected with each other. You will be surprised how simple it is.

With the aid of our modular plastic pontoons for the construction of house boats and pontoon boats, pontoon hulls in arbitrary lengths can be built easily. In this way, pontoon boats or mobile floating platforms consisting of two or more pontoon tubes can be built easily. Furthermore they have a streamlined shape, are very sturdy and have a relatively small weight. This ensures fast drive with low fuel or energy consumption.

Mietponton Welle

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