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Pontoon Boats by PEREBO

The PEREBO pontoon boats are generally consist of two pontoon hulls and can be used in various fields. You can order your new pontoon boat according to your desires – there is virtually no limit for customer wishes. In the following paragraphs we would like to show you how flexible are pontoon boats by PEREBO and what advantages resulting from this.

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    Leisure boats - create your perfect pontoon boat

    Generally, when buying a PEREBO pontoon boat you benefit from our different polyethylene floats. By means of these modular plastic floats pontoon tubes in different lengths and payloads can be builded very easy. They have a high load carrying capacity, yet are surprisingly light. This becomes especially noticeable when the pontoon boat must be placed on a trailer. Last but not least, due to the shallow draught of the boat, there is a low fuel consumption of the engine.

    If you are looking for a recreational pontoon boat, we offer you for example this boat with a deck structure made from lightweight and durable GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic). This material is particularly enjoyed by fisherman because it can easily be cleaned. Of course you can alternatively choose a supporting structure of the boat made of classic materials such as aluminum or steel. In this case the boat deck is designed with wood or plastic planks. We are happy to provide your new pontoon boat with accessories such as matching seat cushions, a railing or a bathing ladder. The propulsion can take, for example, an ordinary petrol engine. You can also opt for an electric motor or pedal drive, of course.

    If you have decided to buy a pontoon boat, you have chosen a reliable companion for your trips on the water. The advantages of PEREBO pontoon boats for leisure activities are already being felt during loading. Finally, you will appreciate the large boat deck area that is often not available on other boats.

    Work boats – for construction companies, marina operators, divers or other companies

    Pontoon working boats by PEREBO impress with their versatility and their easy handling. These multi-purpose work boats are particularly suitable for the use in shallow waters! Due to the large deck area it's very easy to transport of different materials and other goods on the water. Among other things, they are used by construction companies for bridge renovations. Here, the on deck placeable scaffolding is very beneficial which allows works under bridges.

    Each motor catamaran by PEREBO will exceed your expectations. Already in ordering of such work boat, you have the choice between different accessories.  If you wish, you can order accessories such as a small hand winch or standing scaffolding – mountable directly on the boat deck. All our pontoon work boats are available in different lengths and widths. Moreover, in order to use your pontoon boat for a long time, particular attention was given to a high resistance of the pontoon tubes to chemicals. Therefore, your work boat can also be used in acid or alkaline waters.

    Please call us or send us an email for a non-obliging and free consultation. We are confident that we can offer you the purchase of the right pontoon boat for your projects and requirements.

Multifunctional pontoon boats

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Configure your own pontoon boat
with help of our leisure boat-configurator.

Pontoon boats with GRP-deck

  • Description

    - noble synthetic material deck, material: GRP (glass fibre reinforced synthetic material)
    - drive types: outboard engine or pedal drive
    - available lengths: 4,40m, 5,50m or 6,60m
    - boat-width: approx. 2,50m (not variable)

Pontoon work boats

Our work boats are DGUV tested regarding safety and health.
DGUV Test: Testing and certification system of the German Social Accident Insurance.

  • General Information

    - standard deck covering: bulb plates (aluminum)
    - supporting structure: aluminium-frame
    - engines: outboard motor (petrol/electrical)
    - accessories (optional): boat trailer, little hand winch, standing scaffolding, etc.
  • Fields of Application

    - work boat for hydraulic engineering works (e.g. reconstructions of bridges)
    - transport- or diver boat
    - special boat for harbour-works
    - water analysis boat
  • Advantages

    - large work space on boat deck
    - removable railing
    - transportable on a boat-trailer
    - very good handling characteristics
    - usable at reduced water depth
    - a little hoist or scaffolding is mountable on boat deck
    - low self-weight
    - chemicals-resistant pontoon tubes
  • Technical Data

    - payload: approx. 90kg/m² (at half immersion-depth of the pontoon tubes)
    - available boat lengths: 5,50m, 6,60m or 7,70m
    - available boat widths: 2,50m or 3,0m
Configure your own work boat
with help of our work boat-configurator.
Accessories for Perebo Pontoon Boats can be found here
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