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Since 2006, we have been involved with the development and the production of pontoons and floating systems.  Since then, we had the opportunity to accompany many interesting and successful projects. On this page you will find an illustrated selection of these projects.

AWI-floating research platform (Siberia)

floating research pontoon in Seberia

Highly topical is the global warming of our planet. In this context Research Institutions like the "Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)" search for solutions for the phenomenon. For this shall also contribute a floating research platform by Perebo / AWI from the year 2013.

Main technical data:

  • dimensions of the platform (L x W): approx. 3,0m x 3,0m
  • supporting structure of the floating platform: plastic floats
  • special features: the platform works independently
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    This autarkic floating measurement laboratory measures the exchange of carbon dioxide, methane and heat between a lake and the Earth atmosphere. The lake is located on the island "Kurungnakh" in the Siberian tundra. In the middle of the floating measuring station is situated a two meter high instrument-mast on which the instruments are mounted. In addition to gas sensors, a wind direction sensor and a wind speed meter, the equipment also includes a selection of other special devices, such as a camera, GPS, electronic compass and a motion sensor. The power supply is provided by solar panels, which are also installed on the floating micro laboratory. The floating platform consist of 9 units PEREBO floats of type PT05, which are so robust that they can withstand Siberian ice.

Floating event platform for “Matchrace” in Waren (Müritz)

product presentation pontoon

Especially impressive may be a product presentation on the water. PEREBO has demonstrated it at the presentation of the new "Audi A1 Sport Pack". At the Matchrace in Waren on the Müritz in 2013 the floating car could be admired at day and night. PEREBO acted as lessor and has provided the rentable floating platform.

Main technical data:

  • length: 6,30m
  • width: 4,20m
  • supporting structure of the floating base: steel pontoons
  • special features: the floating platform consists of several individual pontoons
  • coupleable pontoons can be found here: Perebo steel pontoons
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    This floating event platform consists of 3 pcs. coupleable individual pontoons (L x W= 4,20m x 2,10m), which can be interconnected easily. Such a floating base is ideal for presenting a car or a similar product on the water. The platform can be fixed by ropes or chaines. The presentation object is simply attached with lashing straps or the like on the pontoon deck.

Pump Pontoon (Manchester, UK)

pump pontoon

For a coal power plant near Manchester (England) PEREBO has built in 2007 a floating pump platform. On it are installed two suction pumps, which provide process water in the course of desulfurization of coal. PEREBO has developed this pontoon and installed at place of use near coal power plant

Main technical data:

  • dimensions of the platform (L x W): approx. 6,0m x 4,0m
  • supporting structure of the floating platform: plastic floats + girder grid made of steel
  • special features: adapts to changing water levels
  • more informations

    The pump pontoon consist of 22 individual floats PT01 middle section. A modular support frame made of steel forms the supporting structure of the floating platform. The pontoon is also equipped with a steel-grid surface and a separate access. The main difficulty when planning was that the pump pontoon had to be adaptable to changing water levels. For this purpose PEREBO has designed a special fixing structure which allows movements of the pontoon in vertical direction.

Mobile Sea Target (Airbus Defence & Space)

Pontonkatamaran mit Mast und Zielprisma

With a mobile sea-target should be simulated a floating object that moves on the water. During a training manoeuvre of the marine, smaller warships (e.g. frigates) can then focus this "sea target" and fire on it. For this purpose PEREBO was commissioned by Airbus Defence & Space in 2009 to design a mobile floating platform, which should achieve this objective.

Main technical data:

  • dimensions (L x W): approx. 5,50m x 3,50m
  • supporting structure: plastic pontoon tubes + foldable supporting frame made of steel
  • special features: equipped with telescopic mast incl. radar reflector
  • more informations

    In use the pontoon (catamaran) is pulled by a speedboat, which is navigated either by a skipper or remote control. In this state, the pontoon width is approximately 3.50m in order to ensure a stable position in the water. During a shooting exercise, on the boat deck is placed the telescopic mast with radar reflector. Fully extended, the total mast height is approximately 7,50m. (incl. height of the radar reflector) But when the pontoon is to be stored or to be transported to another place of action, the width of the vessel can be reduced to about 2.0m due to the foldable support frame. Furthermore, it's possible to move the pontoon on land by means of laterally attachable wheels. Also a lifting by crane or helicopter is possible. All in all met this multifunctional special pontoon exactly the demands which Airbus Defence & Space has placed on Perebo.

Mobile Sniffer Dog Platform

police vessel on night drive

With the commissioning of a so-called "Mobile Sniffer Dog Platform" in the form of a pontoon boat a dream of the "Police K-9 unit" in the federal state of Thuringia became a reality in 2006. With the help of this special pontoon boat the sniffer dogs can pick up the scent near water surface and this allows the search for accident victims or dead bodies.

Main technical data:

  • dimensions of the boat (L x W): approx. 5,50m x 2,50m
  • supporting structure of the boat: plastic pontoon tubes + supporting frame made of aluminum
  • special features: lowerable front and side flaps, inflatable lighting tower
  • more informations

    In 2006 PEREBO received from the Thuringian police an order to build a pontoon boat by which it's possible to operate with sniffer dogs on water. Before there was this boat, inflatable boats were used. The problem with these boats was: The dogs had to be lifted during use over the edge of the rubber dinghies, because they can only detect human odors until about 40cm above the water surface. This procedure was very stressful for humans and animals. On the Perebo boot the dogs can sniff 20cm above the water surface now. The boat is fully trailerable and has a relatively low self-weight. Therefore it's possible to transport it with a helicopter to the place of use if necessary.

Floating Pipelines

floating pipeline

Sometimes must be pipelines build on water temporarily or permanently. In other words, they swim on the water. For this purpose, PEREBO has already often delivered coupleable floating modules, with the help of which pipelines are able to swim.

Main technical data:

  • length: variable
  • width: variable
  • supporting structure of the floating modules: plastic floats + girder grid made of steel or aluminum
  • special features: floating pipeline is executable with joints for more flexibility on water
  • more informations

    All PEREBO floating pipes consist of the individual floats PT03, PT04 or PT05. The floating modules, which were supplied by PEREBO, can be interconnected easily at respective places of action. On such a special floating dock the corresponding pipeline can be fix by means of clamps very simply. Depending on operating conditions, the floating pipeline can be designed movable or stiff. To this purpose, the individual floating modules are either screwed together or coupled by means of joints. (e.g. hinges or similar)

Floating Dock at the Lago Maggiore (Italy)

jetty in T shape

This beautiful floating jetty is located at the lake "Lago Maggiore" north of Milan. It was a common project between PEREBO and Italian land owner at this lake in 2009. Perebo has designed, builded and delivered all parts of the floating boat dock and the owner has mounted and fixed itself his floating pier.

Main technical data:

  • dimensions of the jetty (L x W): approx. 20,0m x 1,50m
  • dimensions of the platform in front of: (L x W): approx. 4,50m x 8,0m
  • supporting structure of the floating modules: plastic floats + girder grid made of steel
  • special features: the floating dock is built modular
  • more floating jetties can be found here: Perebo-Jetties
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    The fishing dock consist of the individual floats PT03. All floating modules (floats + girder grid), which were supplied by PEREBO to the place of use, could be interconnected easily from the buyer. Furthermore, the buyer has also mounted itself the deck flooring and the anchorage. Therefore: The more own contribution the more money saving.

Houseboat for the german movie production titled: “Ein Hausboot zum Verlieben”

a houseboat to fall in love

"Ein Hausboot zum Verlieben" (house boat to fall in love) is a german movie production of the year 2009. For the film-set, a house boat, PEREBO has constructed and delivered the floating base. The film production company has builded the house on the floating platform. The result of this cooperation was a really comfortable house boat, which left nothing to be desired.

Main technical data:

  • length: approx. 17m
  • width: approx. 5m
  • supporting structure of the floating base: plastic pontoon tubes + girder grid made of wood
  • special features: house boat is mobile
  • other PEREBO House Boats can be found here: Perebo House Boats
  • more informations

    The movie was produced on a small lake around Berlin and at the lake "Müritz" in the north of Germany in autumn 2007. Besides the house boat base, PEREBO has provided all floating platforms for the cameras and other film equipment as well. The house boat served as the main film location at first. Afterwards the house boat has been sold and converted into a “Floating Café”. For a long time it was situated at a hiking trail near Berlin and was used as a floating rest place for walkers and other tourists. Nowadays the owner uses it for private purposes.

Party boat “Sievers Gasthaus/Tavern”

party on water

This extraordinary Barbeque- and Party boat is sailing since 2014 under the flag of "Sievers Gasthaus" in Winsen/Luhe near Hamburg. It was a common project between PEREBO and the tavern owner Mr. Sievers. PEREBO has designed and constructed the pontoon-platform (trimaran) and Mr. Sievers has completed his "Floating Beer Garden" independently.

Main technical data:

  • length: approx. 15m
  • width: approx. 4m
  • supporting structure of the floating base: plastic pontoon tubes + girder grid made of steel
  • special features: shallow draft at full load (approx. 45cm)
  • other PEREBO BBQ- and Party Boats can be found here: Perebo Party Boats


  • more informations

    This party raft has been designed and built as a motor-powered trimaran. Despite a total length of nearly 15m and a width of 4m it is responds well to steering and it has enough space for 30 persons. The roof deck provides protection against small showers of rain and direct sunlight. On deck, you find everything what belongs to a good “Floating Pub”, a small bar, gas barbeque and comfortable seating. Innkeeper Sievers offers his guests unforgettable moments when driving on the river "Luhe" up to the river "Elbe".