Solar roof for pontoon boats

Mietponton Welle

Perebo “keep up with the times” and participates in climate protection in the form of eco-friendly boat motorization. For this purpose, from now on the Perebo pontoon boats powered by electric engines can be additionally equipped with a boat-solar-roof. This allows the batteries of the electric outboard engine to be additional charged with solar energy. We can equip your environmentally friendly solar raft with electric motors of different power as well as with solar roofs of different sizes. The solar roof, equipped with photovoltaic modules, consists as standard of an aluminum roof frame to which the solar panels are attached.
Decide for yourself whether you want to order only the aluminum-roof-frame to install the solar panels yourself, or whether the solar roof should be completely prefabricated by Perebo.
The advantages of having an electric boat with mini solar-plant on the roof of the boat are obvious. You save charging current, increase the range of your solar-raft and save the application of a separate roofing, because the solar panels not only convert solar energy into electricity, but also serve as shade and protection from rain.

Example project:

See now an example of a solar boat in the form of a joint project between Perebo and one of our customers. Perebo delivered only the boat with the roof frame (1) and our customer installed the electric engine and the solar panels on the roof frame himself (2).

(1) Solar boat at Perebo-delivery:

pontoon boat with roof-frame

(2) Solar-boat after customer completion:

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