Work Pontoons and Work Boats

Mietponton Welle
By means of the Perebo work pontoons, almost all work can be carried out on the water. Choose between a multifunctional workboat or coupleable single pontoons with which you can build a floating platform with different sizes according to your requirements. In that way you will have an ideal floating base for safe working on the water.

Connectable Work Pontoons

connectable work pontoons

Depending on the planned intended purpose, you can use connectable plastic or steel pontoons. These pontoon systems are particularly suitable if you need a floating work platform that needs to be moved very little or not at all at the place of use.

Work Boats

pontoon work boot

If you need a mobile work pontoon, just use our work boats. They are motorised, very easy to handle and can be equipped with special accessories. E.g. a small scaffolding or davit crane can be placed on deck. If required, we can also deliver a suitable boat trailer.

Mietponton Welle

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