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Management / Your personal contact persons

Dipl.- Ing. Matthias Feldmann

Tel: +493841 2240 492

Dipl.- Ing. Sebastian Bieler

Tel: +493841 2240 493

How it all began:

Once upon a time there were two ambitious fishermen, who only very rarely found a suitable place or even a suitable fishing jetty on the hunt for big fish. So what can be done? What’s the best way to get onto the water and close enough to the fish? To building a fishing dock yourself cannot be sooo difficult. But where can you buy suitable building components for it? There was nowhere to find anything suitable. Out of necessity they built a small pontoon dock out of old plastic barrels, which didn’t look very nice, but still lay well in the water. For two engineers, so they thought, it shouldn’t be a problem to develop pontoon equipment in order to build such kind of floating jetties or other pontoon platforms in the modular principle and offer them for sale. And therefore a business idea germinated from a bottleneck. And finally we, Matthias and Sebastian, friends since our earliest youth, found a company in 2006 which deals with the planning and construction of floating pontoon systems.

Since then our product range is no longer limited to simple pontoon floats or floating fishing piers but extends to complex and technically demanding pontoon systems or floating special constructions. In addition, Perebo no longer sells its products only in Germany but also worldwide. Our focus is on quality and not quantity, so that our products really deserve the predicate “Made in Germany”. All our pontoons or pontoon systems are the result of German engineering, of high quality and manufactured according to the latest state of the art. This also means that all Perebo products are continuously tested, developed and improved. This is done in cooperation with recognized German research institutes, among others. The company location near the Hanseatic city Wismar (on the Baltic Sea) has special significance.

Perebo benefits from its proximity to the Wismar University of Applied Sciences, the local shipyard and the Baltic Sea in order to test various products on the water. You are welcome to get an idea of our broad spectrum and take a look at our reference projects.

What we offer you or what you can buy from us:

  • plastic pontoons made of polyethylene for the construction of floating jetties or pontoon platforms
  • modular plastic pontoons for the construction of pontoon hulls of pontoon boats
  • connectable steel pontoons for the construction of e.g. floating work platforms
  • pontoon boats (recreational boats, work boats and party boats)
  • mobile houseboats and permanently installed floating houses
  • floating docks and floating platforms
  • house boat platforms for the DIY construction of your house boat
  • special pontoon constructions (e.g. floating pump platforms or special pontoon boats)

What else should you know:

  • We would be pleased to accompany you in your project from the very beginning and to assist you with words and deeds. Your personal contact person will be happy to assist you at any time.
  • Of course, we will deliver the ordered Perebo product to the desired delivery address and install it if required and, if possible, at the place of use. Alternatively, it is also possible to collect the goods yourself.
  • In case of the unlikely event that one of our products should break, one of our service employees will be happy to take care of your problem.
  • We work primarily with the materials plastic (polyethylene), steel and aluminum to build our pontoons. All these materials can be reused and, in particular, the plastic used is recyclable.
  • In addition to its head office in Germany (Dorf Mecklenburg), Perebo also has a sales partner in Sweden.